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Introducing our 2014 Made for Mosier Artists

Made for Mosier Art Program At Mosier Schools, we believe the arts are an important part of our students’ curriculum.  Our regularly scheduled visual art classes provide students with creative opportunities through a variety of mediums. Watercolor, soft vinyl for printmaking, oil pastels, clay, collage, still life, life drawing and soft pastels are highlighted throughout the year. Students are also exposed to art history to expand their critical thinking skills and develop their appreciation of art. Each year, in addition to regularly scheduled art classes,we also offer our students the opportunity to explore art more deeply through our Made for Mosier Art Program.  We bring professional artists in to expose our students to various art forms and to lead them in the creation of classroom or pod projects, which are sold at our annual Made for Mosier Benefit Auction in the spring. Individual projects are kept by the students as a memory of their Made for Mosier art experience.  During the time spent with our artists, students exercise creative control over their work. The artist’s role is to be a mentor, as well as technical adviser on necessary skills. This program emphasizes in-depth involvement in the arts and focuses on the creative process of making art. 
As part of our Made for Mosier Art Program, our students develop confidence and are in turn able to share their own ideas and develop as artists.  Another benefit of this program is that it allows our educators to develop new skills and new ways of integrating many art forms into various subject areas.


Pamela Larsen: Pamela Larsen, a native Oregonian, has been an artist and an educator for over 20 years, working in paint, clay and beads with art shows in Portland, Colorado and China. Pamela has partnered with two local Native American artists, Lillian Pitt and Brigette Scott, to lead Senior students in two Made for Mosier projects. Lillian Pitt gave the students permission to make "Stick Indian" inspired masks, which she demonstrated and then Pamela led students through the process of making two masks, one to keep and one for auction. For the second project, Pamela created an image of the Gorge, which Brigette Scott then adapted for the students to create a beaded tapestry. 
Ellen Dittebrandt:
Ellen Dittebrandt:Ellen Dittebrandt is a nationally known artist who lives in Mosier. She feels that working with the students at Mosier Schools is a great way in which she can be involved in our community. This year Ellen is working with our Primary classes to create driftwood sculptures and a multi-media painting. In addition to creating pieces for our Made for Mosier auction, each student will also be using acrylic paints to design a fashion piece of their own. Ellen was the top artist on Pinterest in 2013 and her paintings have been featured on Seinfeld and Ellen DeGeneres. You can find Ellen’s work on her Facebook page.  
Ruth Cutler: Ruth Cutler is a talented stained glass artist who lives in Mosier. She has been dedicated to Mosier Schools for years and loves to give back! Ruth is working with our Junior students this year, where she will first assist them in creating their own take home project; a personal sized mosaic piece. Then, using old windows from the school, the students will fill each pane with a unique stained glass, mosaic design. Ruth’s glass work was shown last August at the Columbia Center for the Arts Gallery in Hood River, as part of the “A Glass Act” exhibit which featured forty glass artists from all over the country.  Ruth also teaches stained glass classes through Hood River Community Education and has a glass studio in Mosier. 
Charlene Fort: Charlene Fort is a local glass artist who has been in the field for 13 years. Her glass work has been shown in art galleries throughout the Northwest. Charlene is working with all four Mosier Middle School pods. Each student will create and keep a 5" X 5" fused glass tile with the image from a nature photograph they took as part of the project. Each class will also work on an 11" X 18" fused glass panel in the style of Miriam di Fiore, which will be auctioned at the Made for Mosier event.